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Announcing Dingo PostgreSQL BETA

Pivotal Cloud Foundry users can create PostgreSQL clusters with new Dingo PostgreSQL.

Dingo Tiles sells production building blocks for Cloud Native developers. Tiles upon which to create new applications.


Once installed into Pivotal OpsMgr, Dingo PostgreSQL allows all users will be able to provision highly-available clusters of open source PostgreSQL in less than a minute.

cf create-service dingo-postgresql cluster my-first-db  
cf bind-service myapp my-first-db  
cf restart myapp  

The resulting service instance is a PostgreSQL cluster. Each PostgreSQL server in a cluster is running inside separate secure containers, on different host machines, across different availability zones (if available).

Each PostgreSQL cluster is automatically and continuously backed up. This allows an operator to recover a single service instance or recover the entire platform immediately after a disaster.

The product is available today with a licensing trial of 10 service instances. Licensing and production support for batches of 25 service instances (highly available databases) is available upon request.

If you're a user of Cloud Foundry BOSH, then you can also download Dingo PostgreSQL product from its open source repository https://github.com/dingotiles/dingo-postgresql-release More documentation for deploying and configuring the BOSH release are continuously being written.

Please chat with us today on Slack to download and get sales & support!