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Dingo PostgreSQL Now Available in Pivotal Network

Pivotal Cloud Foundry users who have been eager to easily deploy PostgreSQL in their environments can now do so! Stark & Wayne and Dingo Tiles have released a beta version of Dingo PostgreSQL for Pivotal Cloud Foundry available as a tile for download from Pivotal Network (PivNet).

Product Highlights

  • PostgreSQL 9.5
  • Dedicated secure containers
  • Highly available cluster across availability zones
  • Continuous backups (disaster recovery)
  • PostGIS functionality

Easy Setup

After installing the tile from PivNet, users can create PostgreSQL clusters in their Pivotal Cloud Foundry environments. Once installed into Pivotal Operations Manager, the Dingo PostgreSQL tile allows all users will be able to provision highly-available open source PostgreSQL clusters in less than a minute.

cf create-service dingo-postgresql cluster my-first-db  
cf bind-service myapp my-first-db  
cf restart myapp  

This creates a cluster of PostgreSQL servers as a service instance. Each PostgreSQL server runs inside separate secure containers, on different host machines, across different availability zones (if available). Each cluster is automatically and continuously backed up. In the case of a disaster, an operator can recover a single service instance or recover the entire platform.

Additional documentation can be found at Pivotal documentation https://docs.pivotal.io/dingo-postgresql/

During our beta phase, we're eager for Pivotal Cloud Foundry users to try out the tile and to let us know what you think and how it fits into your operations. If you're interested in learning more or need help with the tile, please contact us at dingo-sales@starkandwayne.com. You can also join our Slack channel for help and information.

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